10 Reasons iComm’s 2016 Summerscape is One Event to Beat

1. We had multiple venues to stage our activities.

      In this posh function room…


and outdoors where it’s bright and sunny.7 10

2. Our young performers can rival the swag, looks and bodies of local celebrities.  Take our James Reid dead ringer for instance, and see how he can dance like this.



3. The foam party was totally rad…6 it brought more glee to our already happy faces.813

4. Our games required the same stamina and endurance as the Olympics.11 4

5. Did we say they were absolutely fun and outrageous we can laugh at other teams while we play too?  16


6. Our COO, who is also into triathlons and marathons, displayed his winning form in our groovy games.  Impressive, yes?



7. We zumba-ed our hearts out.



8. Took selfies to another level.  3 9

9. While we have a bounty of the young and energetic .



10. We have an abundance of fab titas and tita wannabes too! 15