2013 iComm Summer Burst

All out Fun, All out Social

June 1, 2013 ??? Alegre Beach Resort

“I don’t know where I am going, but I am on my way.” ??? Voltaire

This was the quote that started going through the heads and veins of the uber-eager-to-have-fun iComm babies since we learned that we were going on an “All out fun, All out Social” company outing.

Back in the Office, what I heard was the excitement of the teams on their day to day social cheering practice in every side of the skyrise building showing camaraderie, talent and guts.

Now in this setting, I wondered what the intention was for that sweatful hours spent on jiggling and over rated need to fine tune yelling. I initially thought: Prize? Prestige? Exposure? Hmmm.

Before I get into the details of the actual summer outing experience, allow me to discuss a little and share my part of the activity. I was spearheading the sound system committee together with Steve Lequido and Carl Tayabas of ISS Sales; we were in charge of the audio program sequence and handle the play of background music to give life to the atmosphere. While this was not my first time to be in-charge, we endured and the sound committee was good to go. I mean we were really ready to rock!

Quick Stop over at Carmen, Cebu (Sound System Committee: Lenmar, Ear, Carl and Steve)

Quick Stop over at Carmen, Cebu (Sound System Committee: Lenmar, Ear, Carl and Steve)

When the day of the outing came, after almost 2 hours of travelling and daydreaming, every team was hyped and excited to perform their respective cheering acts and get to swim to the white sand beach of Alegre. When we finally arrived at Alegre Beach Resort, everybody took the chance to flaunt their inner celebrity vibe and posed for camera shots anywhere and everywhere under the sun.


To start up the action, 2013 iComm Summer Burst was geared up by 2 energetic, good looking seasoned stage personalities, Master Showman Dax Alarde from Parts Department, and “Marian Dela Riva kalokalike” Miss Regina Aguilar from Marketing.



Throughout the day, we got into various fun-activities including:

1. Cheering Competition

  • Team 1: ISS Twitter GreenRevolution
  • Team 2: Youtube Sensation
  • Team 3: Facebook Nerd Hero
  • Team 4: Insta Hot Hot Hot Orange.

Mechanics: 6 mins. Cheers and Yells

Participants: Minimum of 10

Team You Tube Sensation became the cheering champions significantly because of the glorious belly dance of Jacqueline Romeo from the Shipping team.

Champion: You Tube Sensation



1st Runner Up: Insta Hot Hot Hot Orange



2nd Runner Up: ISS Twitter Green Revolution



3rd Runner Up: Facebook Nerd Herd



After the cheering activity, lunch was served. Everyone lined up to taste the sumptuous barbecue Filipino style buffet accompanied by a live performance sound check music from the NO Direction Band.



2. Surprise Contest I – He’s Got that She-Man Look

The impromptu activity was a big surprise to the crowd. With a make up kit for each competing teams, it turned out to be a beauty contest for the she-mans of iComm.



Joevem Cabanday from ISS Sales was proclaimed to be the fairest of the four. He captured the eyes of the judges by his ability to transform and effectively portray the feminine form.



3. Beer Drinking Contest

Last year’s Beer Drinking champions headed by Minoy Villaruel seems to obey their thirst once again and reign supreme among the alcoholics.

No spills and traces of Redhorse beer was wasted in this activity. Jeez, they even asked for more.



4. Eating Contest

  • Fresh Durian
  • Raw Ampalaya and Okra
  • Cured Kimchi
  • Boiled unseasoned Chicken head
  • And the debutant 18 days Balut

Sounds disgusting to others but competitors were ready to dig in to these bizarre foods without hesitation.

After minutes of exotic footage, the Software Facebook Nerd Herd was the first team to finish and were rewarded the much needed bottled water.



5. Surprise Contest II – Beat the Hula in You

The second surprise was dedicated to the bosses testing their physical flexibility on body shaking.

This time Managers compete for a Hula Hoop showdown time trial edition.

The idea of the game was whoever holds the longest time to twirl the hula around the waist will be the winner.

Surprisingly, ISS big boss Minoy Villaruel, a basketball player and beer drinking champion was also good at hula hooping. It seems his competitive nature was manifested not only in his work performance but also in his twirling abilities… with the hula hoop, that is. He was then proclaimed as the winner.


Because of the new-found connection and revelation from the activities, everyone used the remaining free time to swim, play volleyball, jam and bond with the band and with each other.



Now, how much prize did the winning teams get? Well, it became evident that it wasn’t the monetary value that counts. What mattered was the depth of connection, understanding and bond brought about by the activity. We had fun and released the negative vibes throughout the day, in the hope that we carry the positivism with us as we return to our respective functions in the office the following work day.



Let me end this article about my personal view on professionalism. I disagree with the idea that work should not be personal. That as colleagues, we should maintain a certain degree of professionalism and not let work issues affect us personally. On the contrary, I think, work is personal. Harmonious interpersonal relationships between employees are needed for the company to prosper. Output would always be affected by personal issues.

Hence, company outing activities such as these play a vital role in enabling the employees to bond and communicate outside the boundaries of work. The result of which allows us to work hard and play harder.


by Lenmar Gonzales