SWAT: ISS Sales Kick-Off 2017


ICYMI:  ISS Department had their ISS Kick off for 2017. It was so banging and lit and had everyone raving about it for weeks. Find out why the event totally kicked ass…

The ISS Kick-off is an annual event that is pretty popular in the ISS Department. It is that time of the year when everyone gets excited to get their hearts pumping and get ready to strategize and work with everyone. It is a good time to chill out, forget about the sales quota for a second, and come back re-energized and more focused at work.

It is FUN!

For me, this year has been the most enthralling one. You want to know why? Let me share my thoughts with you.

1.       First ever overnight and out of town trip

This was the grandest destination, so far. Last August12-13, the 2017 ISS Kick-Off participants from ISS1, ISS2, IBC Japan Office including auction staff and Kobe and Kisarazu yard staff and a few representatives from other departments invaded the beautiful island of Bantayan. It was a 5-hour trip with everyone seemingly not bothered about coming over at the assembly area before 3:00am. I believe sleep was the last thing on everyone’s minds while waiting for the bus ride.



2.       S.W.A.T  One Mission, One Target – A catchy and realistic theme!

               Give me a word that pops into your mind when you hear the word S.W.A.T. Do you think about action, military, platoon, and battle? You got it right! It is an acronym for Special Weapons and Tactics. Thanks Google for the help. The organizers made a little twist to make it our own version – Sales Wits and Tactics. The participants were divided into platoons Alpha, Gamma, Delta, and Omega. Sounds physically demanding, isn’t it? One thing that intrigued me was hearing this bit of information – it is best to wear leggings for the activities. Why? Do we have to crawl? Not too far from reality, we were given a mission and below were the activities we had.

Mission:  Rescue our  comrades kidnapped by a group of rebels and retrieve a highly classified document that they stole.

  • Training –  Everyone underwent a fitness training to prepare them for their mission.  This was followed by a fit-all training wherein the entire group must fit inside or within a given item moving altogether in rhythm from start to finish.  This aims to train everyone to learn how to work using limited resources as they carry out their mission.  It promotes group communication, cooperation, patience and problem solving strategy given the time and space limits.
  •  Operation Fit All – The entire group must fit inside or within a given platform moving         altogether in rhythm from start to finish. It promotes group communication, cooperation, patience and problem solving strategy given the time and space limits.
  •  Operation Search – The teams search for their kidnapped comrades by going through a tunnel.  One at a time, the player must crawl blindfolded towards the end of the tunnel that is surrounded with mines and bombs. In order to safely get to the destination, the leader will give out directions ensuring that none of the obstacles are hit. This activity involves taking risks, communication, trust, leadership, listening skills and the ability to follow instructions.
  •  Operation Rescue –  The teams have found the location of their kidnapped comrades and must save them. This is an activity that requires problem-solving skills and, by far, the most difficult one. The team were required to rescue the captives in the fastest and most efficient manner making sure certain conditions are met. It encouraged everyone to listen, and think fast. Once you knew the solution, you just had to execute it properly.  The activity calls for good leadership, strategizing, teamwork and communication.
  •  Operation Retrieval – Teams race against the clock to try and retrieve a ping pong ball placed at the bottom of a leaky pipe. The ball provides a clue tot he location of the stolen document.  Only 2 members are allowed to fill in the pipe with sea water using 2 cups. Others serve as support by plugging the holes using their 2 fingers to prevent water from leaking.  Once the ball is retrieved, the teams will be able to find the document which is actually a puzzle that they need to solve.  The nicest thing about this was the twist.  Teams should combine all their solved parts of the puzzle and form the bigger picture unveiling the sales kick-off theme and sales target of 2,000++ cars.  Communication, teamwork and collaboration are required to get this done.
  •  PuzzleI bet everyone knows what this game is about. This sounds simple yet time-consuming if not figured out well. Team coordination and communication is the key to achieving this task. The nicest thing about this was the twist. Teams should combine all their solved parts of the puzzle and form the bigger picture unveiling the sales kick-off theme and sales target of 2,000++ cars.

8-23-2017 11-22-22 AM

8-22-2017 3-47-01 PM



All teams were competitive. Everyone participated in coming up with workable tactics for winning. Congrats to all

winners! Special mention goes to Team Delta, my team, as the overall winner. Yay!

3.       Sumptuous Meals

After all the calorie-burning activities, everyone enjoyed the sumptuous energy-booster meals. Losing a pound and gaining a couple back, hmm not bad.





 4.       Fun Free Time

Leisure time had been granted to everyone from Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. It was an opportunity to get to know each other and promote camaraderie among members of different teams. In the game Bato Bato Pick , it was funny thinking that a very simple game like that could teach me a lesson. The winner takes it all. Winning is not possible without taking risks. For that moment, we risked our twenty peso bill. Not a lucky night for me as I lost it on the first try.


In the morning, I joined the group who went to see another lovely resort. We enjoyed the cave pool, walked in a sand bar while others set sail to a nearby island, and the rest stayed and spent their remaining time at Sta. Fe Beach Club. Surely I made new friends.


5.       Learnings

The debriefing was a perfect time for sharing everybody’s thoughts and learnings about the entire event. It is an evaluation if the target being set has been met. Yes, it was a success I would say.

6.       A very well-organized sales kick-off away from the city.

This whole thing would have never been successful and fun without this team of very active and creative organizers. From planning, organizing, implementation, and awesome documentation, I believe you all deserve a battalion salute. No sugar coating here.  Let me thank you for the hard work and a very good job. Upon arrival, you welcomed us with warm greetings. I forgot I barely slept and was tired. I look forward to having another similar kick-off next year.

Thank you, iComm for this great experience! Kudos everyone!