A 16 year Love Affair

Wedding-Pic_1No one is supposed to meet their soul mate when they are 12 years old. But Godday Bastigue of Accounts Department believed she did when she met Erickson Omamalin, her classmate in grade 6. Godday’s puppy love did not blossom then and even years later when they met again in college both taking up BS Accountancy. It was only years later after graduating college when a chance encounter brought Godday to gatecrash Erickson’s birthday party that both realized they were meant to be. With a big shout out of thanks to the now defunct social media site Friendster, they finally got together.

16 years after their first meeting in grade 6, Godday and Erickson were wed at the Alliance of Two Hearts Parish one fine October day. Godday and Erickson are now expecting their firstborn.

by Aileen Therese Cabalda