A Blast from the Past: The Soul Train party

“Embrace UNIQUENESS!  We are UNIQUE and, that’s what makes our culture different…”  (Mark Almadrones, 2017)

Those were the very words our COO Mark Almadrones said at the Grand Ballroom Hall of Marco Polo Hotel, during iComm’s Soul Train party last December 8.


If you’re not into anything vintage, here’s a bit of background. Soul Train was an American music-dance TV program that aired from 1971 to 2006. Its 35-year history was dotted with performances by R&B, soul, dance/pop and hip-hop artists, funk, jazz, disco and gospel artists. They dominated the music, fashion, and entertainment scene during that period.

I am an intern at iComm and this was my first time to join a celebration, let alone one with this theme. So you could guess how excited I was about joining the party.

As I entered the hotel doors I was greeted with a fantastic view of the chandeliers, the Christmas decors, the carpets (I felt like a superstar!) and by hotel guards dressed as nutcrackers (wow!). The whole atmosphere screamed elegance.

Just when I thought I can’t be more impressed I stepped into the party hall and was awed with the unexpected setup! The people behind this event sure took the theme to heart!  The hall was oozing 70s hipness everywhere- from the meticulously designed stage, the perfectly positioned tables, and the glittering disco ball right at the center.

Then there were the celebrities (a.k.a iComm employees) I met down the hall! They looked spectacular, like models, with all that 70s posh.  I can hardly recognize them!


The hotel served punches and several other welcoming beverages. Hard drinks? iComm had KEGS of SMB ! Since I don’t drink that much I just watched other people drink their fill and break into their happy dance, haha.

As always with events like this, our faces were attached to the cameras- so snaps here, snaps there, snaps everywhere! Especially the new guys in iComm (a.k.a me).

Here’s one amazing fact: We’re ALWAYS camera-ready.

Here’s one amazing fact: We’re ALWAYS camera-ready.

For the event, Marco Polo chefs rolled up their sleeves and set to work – the food was simply delicious!

And did I mention entertainment? The event was filled with back-to-back presentations and I’m not one to just sit around waiting. Of course, I was part of them!

Well actually, WE were all part of them. One of the highlights of the party was the Soul Train Line. Everyone from the management down to interns, did their power moves to the hits of performers like Earth, Wind & Fire, Jackson 5, Rick James, etc.

And oh, you just don’t know the way I felt being around some of the hottest boys in the company, do you? Don’t envy me ladies, I can’t have them as well, but I had a great time performing with them during our intermission numbers and Soul Train Lip sync Presentation ;)



Congratulations, by the way, to our Lipsync Showdown winner- ISS2 +Systems!


Two people shined brighter that night and were awarded- so congratulations Iris Corbo and Nico Cabañero for being the Stars of the Night! Great outfits! Our 5 year and 10-year awardees were also given recognition, as well as the Employees of the year.

The fun didn’t end there as we had an afterparty disco! I was able to experience what disco was like back then- all that shaking, grooving and boogie-ing!


Even for a short while, it felt majestic to be transported back into a world I haven’t been able to see and couldn’t really picture out before. I couldn’t help but wonder what I would do if I was given an opportunity to be in the same situation again.

I may be an intern here but I am treated as one of their very own employees -  genuinely I felt I am part of this huge family. This is one iComm trait which makes it stand out from the rest of the companies out there.

Cheers to iComm International!!!


The iCommittee, and some iComm employees who worked behind the scenes to make the Soultrain party possible.