A Tribute to Women by the Men of iComm

Because it is Women’s Month, we asked a few men of iComm to share with us who they consider as the most influential woman in their life – how they were influenced by her and the greatest lessons they have learned.

Neil Albania, QA Engineer

Her name was Atty. Eufrosina “Nina” G. Valenzona She was the Executive Director of The Share A Child Movement Inc.  , an NGO,  where I was a member of their Youth Empowerment Program. She was a tough woman inside and out. She taught us and all the other young people about the laws protecting women and children. I can never forget how she told us to respect every woman – may she be sane or insane (yes, that’s how she put it).  Despite her battle with breast cancer, she still went to work to share her legal knowledge to the youth. Sad to say she passed away in 2015.

The greatest lesson I’ve learned came from my parents.   They would always remind us to “Treat a woman the best way you can, not because she is a WOMAN, but because she is HUMAN”.

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Rex Nadela, Jr. Software Engineer

My grandmother taught me to become independent, responsible and diligent. Since the day her children went to the city to work and had their own family,  she managed to live in her house alone in the province. I am amazed by how she handled her emotions despite the physical distance with her children.  Aside from teaching me to become independent, she also instilled in me that hard work always pays off.

The greatest lesson that I’ve learned from my grandmother is to be respectful towards others and to be God-fearing.  I became a firm believer of the power of prayer; that it can change circumstances and move mountains and can provide comfort and optimism. These lessons had a great impact on me and led me to be a better person.


Paul Yu, Senior Software Manager

Let me call her Ms. X Factor since I forgot her name.  I was 14 then, a graduating high school student when she and her  team went to our school and introduced their college (Saint Francis of Assisi College Systems). She had excellent communication and marketing skills and with an X Factor (it was the first time I knew what that word meant).   She changed my outlook on education, getting the right skill, etc, within that 15 minute talk.  She explained to us what X Factor is, and we were amazed. Of course I ended up enrolling at that school.


Chris Cortes, iDirect Supervisor

My mom is the most influential person in my life. She taught me to be strong and courageous in facing adversities.  Problems, as she would always say, makes us stronger – it’s either you win or you learn.  She is a strong-willed woman with a very gentle heart.  I absolutely appreciate what she has done for the family and I try to replicate her parenting model in my own family now, but I guess I still have long way to go.

She taught me lessons- great lessons about humility and kindness. “Do not ask for respect, earn it through humility and kindness”  – that was what she would always remind us when we were younger.  Those words left a mark on me that everywhere I go I constantly remind myself to be humble and respectful to everyone I meet, especially to the elders and women.


Francis Villaester, Jr. Software Engineer

I met her 23 years ago, the most important influence in my life – akong Ermats (my Mom). She is  a positive person, hardworking, patient, kind, simple and persevering. She embraces tolerance, and is so forgiving and understanding – all these qualities make her a strong woman. She is the kind of mother who would support me even when I was naughty as a kid. I once played in a pool of mud and dirty water. Most moms I know would get mad. But my mom?  Nope, she simply laughed, allowed me to get dirty and lovingly handed me a towel after I was done.  She is so supportive and she wants me to explore and learn instead of saying NO to most things.  She always encourages me to be happy and enjoy even in the worst situation. You pooped? Then enjoy it! That’s just how she is and I love her for it. For her, you can think of a solution to a problem if you are calm and positive.  Each of her failures, her grief, and the way she overcame difficulties to move on has made an indelible impact on me, leaving me with precious lessons.



Bryan Ramones, Jr. Software Engineer

My mother – she showed me how to become kind in all that I do, how to fight my battles even in silence, how to be contented and happy over small and meaningful things and above all else, how to respect, love and value a woman more precious than rubies. She’s just my own version of the best woman in the world.

A woman’s heart is  like a diamond bubble – tough and fragile at the same time. Like a diamond, women fight their battles head on. Like a bubble, women can be so fragile and get easily carried by joy, passion and sorrow. I have learned that a woman, though unpredictable at times, are made by God with so much detail that you should not dare take them for granted. To love a woman is to keep a treasure.

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Mark, COO

I credit my mother’s influence for just about everything positive I am today.  The negative things, I assume full credit for, and that sense of accountability is also due to her.

Greatest lesson from women:  I could probably give 100 answers as women have taught me so much more than men. But right now, I would say that a woman once taught me that there are only takers or givers in the world, and that I was the kind of person who would be happier with a giver.  And she was not wrong.

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