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  • How to date the iComm way

    As part of iComm’s tradition, we hold a dating game every February 14. A couple of gals and guys are handpicked to partake in this activity as Searchers or Searchees, making this one of [...]

  • Rumble in the Jungle

    This year’s ISS Kickoff was dubbed Rumble in the Jungle. True to its title, the theme was reminiscent of the hit reality TV series Survivor. ISS members teamed up according to spirit animals. Best [...]

  • Flopping

    by Mark Almadrones, COO The NBA is a progressive league and it always tinkers with the rules whenever it suits them, which is just about every year. Let???s allow zone defenses, lengthen the 3 [...]

  • Typical Day

    Scouring through the net, it is very evident that the number 10 is quite significant in various fields. Hollywood has used this numerous times. For one, who hasn???t heard of the rom-com ???10 Things [...]

  • Tic- tac-love

    It wasn’t love at first sight. it was rather the kind that developed after several cross function meetings, job discussions and a tic tac toe game during a work hurdle in front of .. [...]

  • A Very Long Engagement

    Daribeth Cabornay from the Accounts Department childhood dream was to become a nun. It must have been a sign then that she was not meant for the nunnery when at the tender age of [...]

  • A Match Made in iCOMM

    The iComm lobby proved a great matchmaker to the love story of Edgardo Singson Jr. or Jay-r of ISS and Emelyn Andag. Jay-r was at the lobby taking a break and reading the newspaper [...]

  • 2013 iComm Summer Burst

    All out Fun, All out Social June 1, 2013 ??? Alegre Beach Resort “I don’t know where I am going, but I am on my way.” ??? Voltaire This was the quote that started [...]