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  • 15&Strong: My Spoken Poetry

    Spoken poetry is the modernized version of  what was known in the olden times as ‘balak’. There’s been a revival in the interest of spoken poetry among the millennials, and even on social media. [...]

  • Pretty Little Summer

    Have you ever witnessed summer unfold before your eyes? Last month, 2nd of June 2018, iComm had its annual summer outing with the theme, ‘Sunset Luau’ at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel, Lapu-Lapu City. It [...]

  • My 10 years in iComm

    Not many people know this but before I joined iComm, I was one of the company’s corporate external lawyers.  I handled iCOMM’s incorporation and corporate housekeeping matters.  Due to the nature of my functions, I [...]

  • How to date the iComm way

    As part of iComm’s tradition, we hold a dating game every February 14. A couple of gals and guys are handpicked to partake in this activity as Searchers or Searchees, making this one of [...]

  • SWAT: ISS Sales Kick-Off 2017

    ICYMI:  ISS Department had their ISS Kick off for 2017. It was so banging and lit and had everyone raving about it for weeks. Find out why the event totally kicked ass… The ISS [...]