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  • Halloween 2016:Witches Ball

    It’s quite surprising that we always discover new talents when October ends – it’s when we celebrate Halloween! Presenting some of iComm’s talents…   Teams portrayed characters from their favorite scary movie and flawlessly delivered [...]

  • Sweet FEB-IBIG 2017

    “Baguio feels” because  it was literally a cold February –  the weather teasing you to hug your significant other if you are already taken and the cold wind  reminding you to grab a jacket [...]

  • Rumble in the Jungle

    This year’s ISS Kickoff was dubbed Rumble in the Jungle. True to its title, the theme was reminiscent of the hit reality TV series Survivor. ISS members teamed up according to spirit animals. Best [...]

  • Play Fair 2016

    iComm Play Fair 2016 is not our  usual sportfest featuring only games meant for seasoned athletes.  Rather, we prepared several  activities  where everyone  can  join. Games like,   Name Tag Ripping, Patintero, Japanese Game, [...]

  • A Day in a Life of Elaine M.

    Every day as we go about doing our jobs, we interact with people and make connections. Our colleagues become friends, our superiors become mentors. We have positive role models, and colleagues or superiors we [...]

  • A Bolder Better iComm @ 13!

    Company anniversaries symbolize the many years of business success and likewise serve as a beginning for new goals to reach. Thirteen (13) is a lucky number for us as iComm International celebrates another successful [...]