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  • 15&Strong: My Spoken Poetry

    Spoken poetry is the modernized version of  what was known in the olden times as ‘balak’. There’s been a revival in the interest of spoken poetry among the millennials, and even on social media. [...]

  • Hot Trends 2017

    Check out these trends and innovations that currently drives the technology industry this year. 1. Google Photos While Apple offers cloud photo storage as part of its iCloud services, Google Photos is also another [...]

  • SWAT: ISS Sales Kick-Off 2017

    ICYMI:  ISS Department had their ISS Kick off for 2017. It was so banging and lit and had everyone raving about it for weeks. Find out why the event totally kicked ass… The ISS [...]

  • The Remembered Sense

    Unlike in years before ,music today are files to be streamed, shared and stored on a device. So are pictures, videos and many other media we interact with on a daily basis. After a [...]

  • Don’t Worry, There’s Fifi!

    Welcome to our newest column called #FifiCares! iComm cares about their employee’s well-being thus this advice column was born. That’s why we welcomed the company-renowned therapist Fifi aboard to help administrate the emotional needs [...]

  • Play Fair 2016

    iComm Play Fair 2016 is not our  usual sportfest featuring only games meant for seasoned athletes.  Rather, we prepared several  activities  where everyone  can  join. Games like,   Name Tag Ripping, Patintero, Japanese Game, [...]