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  • Nuances of blue

    When shown a picture of say, our iComm logo, would you say its navy blue or baby blue or something else? There are just 3 primary colors but when combined, they can produce more [...]

  • The Remembered Sense

    Unlike in years before ,music today are files to be streamed, shared and stored on a device. So are pictures, videos and many other media we interact with on a daily basis. After a [...]

  • On Planning

    “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”–Benjamin Franklin “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”–Iron Mike Tyson You can see these views on planning as complementary or [...]

  • Resistant Ideas

    “What is the most resilient parasite in the world” to quote Leo Di Caprio’s character in Inception? The answer –not bacteria, not a virus, nor an intestinal worm, but an idea. Resilient, highly contagious. [...]

  • Disrupt yourself

    Just about anywhere you are in the world, you can quickly get a taxi or book a spare bed room using only a smart phone.  In many areas, phones have replaced credit cards and [...]

  • Why Slingshots Work

      Who knows what Goliath was thinking as he watched David approach from afar. Surprise? Amusement? Over-confidence? Boredom? It???s easier to imagine what his fellow soldiers felt when a ??well-aimed stone fired by David [...]

  • Flopping

    by Mark Almadrones, COO The NBA is a progressive league and it always tinkers with the rules whenever it suits them, which is just about every year. Let???s allow zone defenses, lengthen the 3 [...]