Don’t Worry, There’s Fifi!

Welcome to our newest column called #FifiCares!

iComm cares about their employee’s well-being thus this advice column was born. That’s why we welcomed the company-renowned therapist Fifi aboard to help administrate the emotional needs of each employee.

Fifi has been making waves on social media through his entertaining anecdotes and adventures happening in his daily life. Being single is his choice and can be the downfall for some, but Fifi is here to give you good advice and a smile on your face.

Now, here’s Fifi’s words of wisdom for today:

#FifiCares Episode 1

So if you’re in need of good advice, a helping hand or simply a friend, do know that #FifiCares. To submit your questions, troubles and concerns, log on to your Facebook account and send a message to iComm International’s Facebook page today.