Easter Egg hunt 2013


Nothing beats the excitement of kids having abundant candies in their hands. Last April 1, 2013 iComm held their annual Easter Egg hunt for the employees’ children. Kids get to roam around the whole office to look for those hard-to-find pastel colored egg containing sweet treats. Little tykes are running and scattered everywhere checking out to every nook and cranny so as not to miss a single egg.

After the hunt, they were gathered at the conference room for some movie time and snacks to nibble on while watching. It also gave them the time to play and bond with fellow kids and also eating and checking-out the loots they got. A prize was give to the child with the most number of eggs found. Everyone was given loot bags at the end of the activity as gifts for the job well done of searching for the eggs left behind by the Easter Bunny.

photo 3

Another successful event spearheaded by the HR Department.

by Jullene Jane Evangelista