Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Easter is a season of sharing and celebrating and following a six-year tradition, ICOMM held its annual Easter Egg Hunt this year. Last April 21, 2014, our program hosted by the bubbly Joylyn of iDirect, was truly special and fun for our ??iComm ??kids.

Kids were categorized according to their age range and each category had their specific egg hunt destination. ??Have you ever heard of an Easter ??celebration without the egg hunting activity? Now it would be lovelier if we can make this as our first stop.

Egg Hunt

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After a long journey of pushing, bumping, and seeking, ???I finally got these eggs!???


Egg Painting

Who would have thought that these young kids were already gifted with so much talent in painting?




Pass the Easter Egg

The criteria for this game are:

  • Kids must ??place the egg between their neck and chin, and
  • Pass it to the next person in line.




This may be a bit awkward to teens and adults but for kids ???it???s kind of never mind??? a million thanks to their world of innocence!

Ball-dropping contest

The ??best booty shaker surely made this game come alive until the end! If you???re energetic and enthusiastic then you are 100% qualified for this game. Forget all your troubles, forget all your cares and go shake, shake, and super shake!!! Wonder how to play this? ??Just take a look ??at these super cute kids!



Here’s one more!

In every game there is always a winner and a loser but in this activity nobody ??went home unhappy. ??As ICOMM celebrates ????Easter every year, ??we made sure that everyone ??takes home ??a lot of surprises. And since children are naturally cheerful, they are always bound to be happy whatever ??they receive and will never check the price. ?? The little kids brought with them the happy memories that they will treasure with their newly found friends.



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