He Said, She Said

If you were to run for office what will be your slogan/platform?

We know that the ensuing heat of last May elections has long been cooled off but the cinders are still burning up on some of our iComm pipz, who have shared their very own views of what should the running politicians have prioritized on their novel length promise speeches during their campaign.

Jessie James Olavides:

Baby MO, Sagot Ko

No, I am not planning to be a sperm bank sponsor. My platform is geared towards securing youth’s future via making education accessible for all. We need to produce one college graduate for every household. It makes a difference on family’s lifestyle if they are able to produce one college graduate.

Number 28 on your ballot #james..


Andro Nico Caba??ero:

Economic Stability and Environment Protection


Johnice Sotamiento:

Like business, it is better with multiple partners.

Common Sense means good government


Glenn Maghinay:

Striving for Excellence, Working in Passion

First of all your workers needs motivation that will help them think openly for any suggestions that will help the business run smoothly and in good environment. From this, we can make any improvements that make us better – best like Kaizen improvements.


Ericson Go:

“There is no “I” in Teamwork”



Cheryl Quinanahan:

Believing on your own Potential

Perform a task with passion and dedication because whatever will be the output of your task/responsibility reflects your personality.


Paul Yu:

Ito ang Tama!

Will push to make basic utilities (Gas, Power, Water) to be cheaper because it is way overpriced. Companies (Petron/San Miguel, Shell, Chevron, Meralco, Veco, MCWD, MWSS, etc) who owns these are making huge profit margins and they are super rich companies.


Last but not the least, a Party list in iComm.

TFG (Thirsty Friday Group):

Chris Cortes, Anton Ylagan, Carl Louie Tayabas, and Hiromi Suzuki:

Tayo na sa TUWID na DAAN patungong Manggahan

Created and dedicated to everyone who needs to relinquish the burdens of their day to day lives.


So, hope you were enlightened (xing of fingers) and the said platforms had given you an idea the next time you will be casting your vote on choosing the people that will run our country to prosperity and progress.


by Jul.E & Red.P