by Mark Almadrones, COO

icomm-cooThe NBA is a progressive league and it always tinkers with the rules whenever it suits them, which is just about every year. Let???s allow zone defenses, lengthen the 3 point line, allow an elbow in the back, but not a hand???punish those who intentionally foul poor foul shooters??

This year was a particularly interesting one because their point of focus was on a well known practice called ???flopping.??? Loosely defined, this is the equivalent of over-acting when someone touches you, of course with the intent of having the referee feel sorry for your pain and thus awarding you a foul.

And the cost of this academy award-winning performance? Anywhere from 5 to 30,000 USD! Take that Denzel, time to fire your agent.

Earlier in the year, a veteran of the NBA from decades ago opined that the rule was unnecessary. He explained that the practice has always been part of the game but that it was kept under control by the players themselves, who used peer pressure and occasionally on-court discipline to send a message.

The rule of law is necessary in all fair organizations, but equally important is mutual respect and common sense on the part of its members. They decide what behavior is acceptable and ultimately determine the culture of any enterprise.

Now if only the NBA could stop all the super-stars from joining each other and ruining the game!

Life is just not always fair. :)