Havana Nights:Party of the Year


December 16 would go down as one of the best parties iComm ever had.  Hosted by iComm’s favorite host Dax Alarde and the bubbly Atty. Maricar Tallo, the night started off with a  short prayer; the usual exciting catwalk showcased our gents and ladies’ stunning OOTNs (Outfit of the Night).


Chris & Mitch of ISS, BBG and Mirabel of ATNZ and the stunning Fifi and Paul (who clung to dear Fifi) of Accounts


The opening remarks by our COO Mark Almadrones likewise served as a prologue to the year-end review.


COO Mark Almadrones opened the event; CEO Mike Tyler gave the closing speech

We had raffles and games. The ‘Bring Me’ game was especially a fun warm up. Radisson Blu did well as dinner was great – they prepared a sumptuous feast for everybody. Who made it to at least three rounds?

There was lechon, there was pasta, there were drinks, and a certain corner of the hall was frequented especially by the men! Yep, that’s where the booze was. Thanks, to the ever realiable SMB!


ISS guys enjoying their drink. The other one might have been too drunk to get up for a toast!
Anyone recognize that guy?


The morning before the event, several people came to the venue to set things up and make sure everything was working properly. Decorations were put up to amplify the Havana aura and in the lobby were backdrops perfect for photo ops. Needless to say, many men and women were spied tirelessly taking selfies and groupies all throughout!

Presentations & Bring Me

During the early part of the program as the hosts were introduced, games were played and the young set displayed their talents in their respective intermission numbers

And who knew iComm had so many talents? We were serenaded at dinner, there were Salsa dance presentations, and even our service awardees gave an eye popping albeit funny and brief dance number!

Speaking of Salsa, the competition was stiff. Every dancer (and audience) grooved to bag the prize; we bet the judges were impressed.  We all got one in the end, but the grand prize went to no other than the ISS1 team!

Salsa competition

Salsa Competition: Software, ATNZ, ISS1 and ISS2

The Christmas Party was also a perfect opportunity for iComm to hand the service awards to employees who have been with the company for five(5) and ten (10) years; as well as to those who exhibited exceptional service in their respective departments for the year. Aside from that, prizes were given to contest winners, including the Christmas Décor prize which went to the Software department.


Employee of the Year; Ten-year Service Awardees; Stars of the Night

Another highlight of the party was the Christmas Dice game i.e., exchanging gifts with a twist; and an overnight stay in Shangri La as the main prize/gift, no less!  That certain little envelope where the papers were kept, originally held by the CEO, was hounded by everyone. But by the game’s end, it was Jade who went home happily with the harassed (but luckily intact) package in hand.

To wrap the night up, our CEO Mike Tyler gave the closing remarks- and another party began! It was led by DJ Massimo with his cool playlist of Latin music. Those who remained in the venue danced to their hearts’ content til they dropped at 12:00 midnight.

And that’s how we ended 2016. As usual, with a blast!  Thanks to the effort of our organizing committee, our party was a success!

Can’t wait for this year’s!


The men and women behind the successful event.