How to date the iComm way

As part of iComm’s tradition, we hold a dating game every February 14. A couple of gals and guys are handpicked to partake in this activity as Searchers or Searchees, making this one of the highlights every Valentine’s day.

I was one of the participants for this year -  I was one of the searchees.  The dating game turned out to be fun experience for me.

After the activity I came to realize that it is way easier to express one’s opinions, or add a touch of humor to your response, when you have a roomful of audience listening to your every word. When you’re on the spotlight, it’s quite different. But it made me happy hearing the audience laugh and cheer for us as the game went on. One funny thing that I discovered? I had a humorous side I didn’t know existed!

After the game some people told me that I was quite entertaining, and I got to be honest that it flattered me somehow.
Answering on the spot isn’t easy. I, Francis and Neil (the Searchees) during the second round of the game, gave it our best shot. Our answers were not perfect, but we at least we tried to give some sense into them :D . We didn’t mind if our responses came out too formal. If these made people happy, then we’ve done a good job!

The winners of the game were awarded with-guess what?  A dinner date!

Since there were 2 rounds, two couples won. So off we went to a (double) dinner date at Harold’s!
Though some of the participants were in a relationship, we had a good time getting to know each other, talking and having “chicka” moments.  I learned that the ladies who were with us were actually fun to be with. They were amusing, and witty in some ways.

Vday couples dinner2

But of course, the most special part of the event was the FOOD. Food is ugh! I was more attracted to it! When I look at food, my heart beats fast. It’s like falling in love!

Thanks for the treat iComm!