iComm Cup 2015 MVP’s

Iris: This years’ ICOMM Sportsfest was an exciting one – after an exhilarating first paintball experience, I unexpectedly emerged as the MVP for Volleyball! I am not the Alyza Valdez type but an ordinary enthusiast whose only childhood dream was to be a part of an athletic circle. I am thankful to have been part of a strong team (ISS2/HR/Admin/Legal); the MVP award was a bonus. Thanks to all my teammates for a job well done!



Joevem: Every year this is one of the most awaited company activity. The excitement and camaraderie can be seen by those who participated. This allows us to display our individual skills, enables us to set goals and ignites our passion to win. Basketball taught me motivation and persistence. I am proud to say that being part of this activity significantly strengthened me as a person.