iComm Island Blast: The 2017 Summer Fun to last!


That day in the 6th of May,
Was the summer escapade of our company
We woke up very, very early
And rolled out of bed to get ready


We got excited as we crossed the sea
Bluewater’s island was ours exclusively!
The sun seemed to shine brighter that day
Promising a summer blast by the bay


We began with a dance
To set the mood for the summer blast
We didn’t mind the heat
As we grooved to the beat and stomped our feet

A cheerdance contest was held
Where some hidden skills got unveiled
We graced the stage with our dance
To win a prize, this was perfect chance


Deadpool gave a funny, winning number
Fifty Shades & Bikini flared hotter than summer
Beauties and the Beach took the third spot
Software Squad too gave it all they’ve got

Four games have been carefully prepared
For teams pink, blue, green, yellow and red
We also got joined by colleagues from Japan
And we truly believe they had so much fun


There was a Sand Art activity
The teams unleashed their creativity
Next was ‘Fill the bottle’ game
Where Yellow team first made their name



Another game was Word Relay
Each raced to finish without delay
Jumped with a sack, dived for a letter
Still, Yellow team won- the pacesetter!


Band Race was the last for the morning
Testing a group’s skill in running
As one, that is, bundled up together
Through obstacles, Red team did not falter


Time for lunch, and what a meal that was!
Good job iComm, we raise our glass!
Then, we had a beer-pong match right after
And I swear, the island was filled with laughter



The rest of the day we chilled out
Though most of us were up and about
We took pictures, we played, we swam
By afternoon we ended our nice program

It’s been 4 months since the island blast
It is true that time flies so fast
But that day in the 6th of May
We had real fun- the iComm way!