It’s a Date

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All over the world, Valentine’s Day has turn out to be an opportunity for the majority of us to do something exceptional for the people who matter to us. Simple gestures exemplified by romantic cards, candlelight dinner, beautiful bouquet of flowers, box of chocolates and vibrant heart shaped items among others certainly go a long, long way.

Here in iCOMM, February 14 is definitely not last on the list!

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Echoing the LOVE FEST 2013 theme, iCOMM became all out in celebrating the Love Month. On top of the activities was “It’s A Date”-the company’s first dating game, where eligible bachelors and bachelorettes work on their wits and show-off their good looks. The mind-blowing Hiromi Suzuki of iDirect charmed the sporty hunk of Web Dev, Enrique Joaquin Jingco. Meanwhile, Earl Carin of ISS proved that you can never go wrong with a classic when he captivated the dashing Michaelyn Otadoy still of ISS.

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Another highlight was “Trivia Lovers”; each department competes for a love trivia contest. After each round, where heart-cracking questions were given, ATNZ team bagged the grand prize. Accounts team claimed the second prize while QA and Marketing pocketed the third prize.

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Other love gimmicks included “I Heart You” and “Count the Candies in that Jar”. With the former, employees upon entry at the office were given a piece of broken heart and will look for that missing piece in order to fix it. Upon the instructions of HR, the first couples who managed to piece in together their broken hearts received love tokens. The latter, tested the guessing ability of some by giving out their estimates on the count of candies in the jars situated at the reception area.

But the Valentine celebration didn’t end there, a standee was also stationed at the lobby where participants could stick photos and wrote the best caption that expressed their love of anything – pet, preferred celebrity, favorite place, friends, special someone and everything they can think of. Entries were accepted until the 28th of February. By then, Dax Alarde, Daribeth Cabornay, Joannah Malinao, Liza Jayme, Irene Fortuna, Albert Terne, Jocelyn Origines and Earl Carin were declared winners.

That’s the way we celebrate love here in iCOMM, the entire month? It’s a Date!

by Irish Selloria