My 10 years in iComm


Not many people know this but before I joined iComm, I was one of the company’s corporate external lawyers.  I handled iCOMM’s incorporation and corporate housekeeping matters.  Due to the nature of my functions, I often came to the iCOMM office for some meetings and I hoped then that one day I would get to join this company as I have always wanted be a part of the corporate world.  In 2007, an opportunity became available;  I joined the Executive Services Manager program, a leadership program launched by iComm, with 7 other managers. Initially I handled the ATX markets, ATAF, ATOZ, ATUK and ATSAM before I moved to Sales handling the Africa market. Early last year, I was tasked to manage Tech Admin and Shipping departments.

Below summed up in a  poem, is my iCOMM experience for 10 years.

There have been a lot of challenges for the past 10 years but my growth as a person and as an employee has made the experience truly enriching.

  I moved to iCOMM



take on a LEADERSHIP role

MANAGE teams


iCOMM is an OUT of the BOX Experience

opened my eyes to a whole new world

To COMMIT to a company for 10 years

is a continuous LEARNING process

is a CHALLENGE worth seeing through