Nuances of blue

When shown a picture of say, our iComm logo, would you say its navy blue or baby blue or something else?

There are just 3 primary colors but when combined, they can produce more shades than any of us can name. And in the hands of creative people, these color variations can further be used to create an infinite number of works of art.

Similarly, we can only detect 5 main tastes, but there is no end to how they can be expressed in the food we eat.

There are just 12 musical notes… well, you get the point.

Great things can be made from just a few ingredients. And in the hands of committed people, the potential for creation is unlimited.


iComm celebrates a big anniversary this month. The pattern started by a few people, 15 years ago continues to add nuance and to evolve.

It’s in our hands now to make sure it also continues to improve, to ensure that it will always be a place that recognizes the contributions of its people, and that no matter what color of blue you may see, you know what and who it stands for.

Enjoy 15 iComm!