On Planning

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”–Benjamin Franklin

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”–Iron Mike Tyson

You can see these views on planning as complementary or contradictory or both.

Some people love to plan, others love not to. Some people stick to the plan, others think they are made to be broken. Some plan everything. Some play a few things by ear.

Plan for what?

What you will do today, tomorrow, 5 years from now, when you retire–That’s one set of plans.
How you want to spend your loved one’s birthday, how your next vacation will go down? –That’s another set.
What if X or Y happens, what ‘s next, then after that?– Plans within plans.
How can I help make the place where I live  safer? What can I do to make things better for everyone’s future?– Big plans, but if you don’t get involved, who will?
What’s for dinner this coming week, what to wear to work today, how will I avoid that jeepney speeding around the corner? –Small plans, but can be important too.
When it’s my turn to step up, where should my focus be?   In the things that really matter to me,  how do I want things to go? –Visualizing outcomes becomes a set of plans.

No matter what kind of planner you are, no matter how big or small the plans may be, no matter what you do when plans change, remember, you are part of them.