Play Fair 2016

iComm Play Fair 2016 is not our  usual sportfest featuring only games meant for seasoned athletes.  Rather, we prepared several  activities  where everyone  can  join. Games like,   Name Tag Ripping, Patintero, Japanese Game, Sack Race, Dodgeball, Tug of war, Chinese Garter and a lot more were showcased and played. And surprisingly, it was played with so much fervor and passion not only by our seasoned players but by non-sports enthusiasts as well.  We relived the games of our childhood and it sure became a fun way to reminisce.

While we encountered a few bumps early on,  this  did not stop us  from  ensuring that everyone would have a great day. The whole group was divided into a lively mixture of four heterogeneous teams from different departments!



Our venue is Parade Stand Central Command, Camp Lapu – Lapu Field in Lahug, Cebu City. It’s a sprawling landscape, well maintained  by our brave soldiers. We all Salute you!!!


The widely known Running Man - Name Tag Ripping is officially part of our games.
Oooopppssss, these boys found their teeny – weeny prey. Run Ivy Run!!!


 The Tarp Turn-over may look simple but you’ll be surprised because Team 4, the most promising team,  had a really hard time flipping the tarp.
You can do it guys, your coach is  behind you! Pressure…Pressure….Pressure ALERT!!!


If NBA has His Airness, Michael Jordan, as MVP King of all time, we  discovered  our very own Jumpman, Neil Albania as the Chinese Garter King of the day!. ✋ You Neiled it!!!


These ladies are the ultimate Dodgeball Queens.
The Elastic Julie with her flexi moves and the chillax Joan with her serene moves.


Patintero players are in heat plus under the heat of the sun.  Totally burnin’ up!


Every team is competitive. Every move is accurate. Every shirt is being dragged.
Run….Run…Pull…Pull and get the Dragon’s Tail.


These teams are the teams who made it up to the final battle of Tug of War.
Everyone is having a hard time holding on but it’s even harder to let go, #hugotTOW
Keep up the fire and do the moves fellas!!!


Other games include Vicks, Japanese Game, Sack Race, Hula Hoop Relay.


Awarding of Winners: 1st Runner-up Team 4, 2nd Runner-up Team 3, & 3rd Runner-up Team 1
(top to bottom)


Never under estimate the little people they absolutely know how to move their cheese…   :)

Overall the event was a success. It was so much fun. The employees were teamed up with other departments and surprisingly, they managed to work together and outperform each other in different aspect of the games through  cooperation, initiative, flexibility and teamwork. This event developed and strengthened our camaraderie as it  paved way for everyone to show off their skills and talent in different games.