Pretty Little Summer

Have you ever witnessed summer unfold before your eyes?

Last month, 2nd of June 2018, iComm had its annual summer outing with the theme, ‘Sunset Luau’ at Costabella Tropical Beach Hotel, Lapu-Lapu City.


It was a day of great music, great food, and great people gathered in one place, all for the spirit of having fun and chilling out; definitely a perfect time to unwind, de-stress, disconnect from our computer screens and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Great music: everyone swayed and jammed as the band ‘Overload’ sang hit songs from both the old and the new generation. Employees got the chance to sing their hearts out too, which was really cool.


Great food: it’s arguably the best part of that day. Who doesn’t want a satisfied appetite while enjoying every moment anyway.

Great people: this is where the theme did most of the magic. Everyone in their OOTDs gave the perfect amount of summer vibes.  Add the talents showcased by different teams from different departments, with their dance numbers and Mr. Luau candidates, and you have a jam-packed summer outing.


But not quite yet.

What really brought the essence of the event was the opportunity to mingle with people from other departments and hear their stories, which is something you never get to see on a day to day basis.

All these somehow came to life despite the stroke of bad weather few hours before the event. Thank God for that.


But among all three of the great things mentioned above, it is the people I found to be the main reason for the Sunset Luau to be very memorable. Of course, my team and my newfound friends are included here. But, it is this particular person —  someone who I really admired for quite some time now.

Since the day she got in, my eyes were already set on her, and man, was she a lot more stunning that day.  She was elegance and beauty mashed together into a petite physique — a princess who handles herself so well she stands out amongst the other ladies. And might I add, she can definitely dance. I never thought I’d have the chance to talk to her, but props to this event, I finally did.

Right after dinner, my work friends got together and talked over some stuff. It was the perfect time to man up and start a conversation. I took the chance and  it somehow went well. Even for a short period of time, I got to know what she’s like outside the walls of the office and beyond the prejudice of my first impression. She was fun to talk to and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Her sense of humor and wit were in harmony; it kept our conversation alive most of the time.


The music, the chatter, and the waves mixed up, and there I was, in a trance, whilst looking at her. As I listened to every word she says, I felt myself gradually falling in an abyss… in paradise.   I know it’s quite a long shot. She is the sky, I’m just the sea – miserably staring, waiting, for a wish to fall from her stars. So close, yet so far. I know it’s kinda cringy, but I guess that’s how it is.

I’m still thankful though; it’s not often that these things happen in your life. But of course, fingers crossed.

That moment for me was so memorable I penned a poem:

You, my Summer

Silk shirts, board shorts

makeshift grass skirts

gray sky, skins out,

there were no seabirds


Bare feet, damp sand,

no waves on dark waters

dull sea, sun sets,

there were no glimmers


No wings, yet it flew

a heart dormant for years

lain still, now free,

has let go of the fears


No stars; were hindered,

clouds left only flickers

but your voice, your eyes,

were already summer.


And that is how summer played out before my very own eyes ­—­ with her, just inches away from me. Hey, take care always, alright? See you around.

Kudos to everyone who took part in this event’s success. I had an amazing time!