Sweet FEB-IBIG 2017

“Baguio feels” because  it was literally a cold February –  the weather teasing you to hug your significant other if you are already taken and the cold wind  reminding you to grab a jacket if you are still single and hoping. Social media experienced a flash flood of “hugot” lines, bitter posts, and emotional lyric excerpts from classic and sentimental songs. Never ending sweet sayings about love  made us doubly excited for Valentine’s Day.  Some though, referring to people who missed Cupid’s arrow, were just treating it like an ordinary day.

And then, LOVE made its landfall at iComm! Exciting activities that would put your heart and brain to good use were lined up for the FEB-IBIG activities. You will not feel alone as iComm, as a tradition,  never fails to give out annual Valentine’s treats for everyone.  The treats and activities will make you set aside your bitterness for someone who can’t love you back.  Kidding! Now everyone MOVE ON and let’s have a recap of the FEB-IBIG activities this year:

Bottles and Sweets

Guess the number of chocolates inside the baby bottle and you’ll have it all. You are free to assume this time. Lucky are those who got the correct number of chocolates as they could enjoy the sweets. To those who tried their luck but failed (I raise my hand) – a deep thought for you below.

Insert HUGOT: Maybe we’re just good at assuming feelings such as “hoping my crush likes me too”. #DontPutColorsOnIt


Facebook posts by winners PJ Didal and Agnes Mayol for the “Bottles&Sweets”.

The Story of Us

Reminisce the past and share your stories with us. This is similar to the popular confession page in Facebook where story tellers could write their real love stories and be appreciated by the readers. In iComm, great and inspiring love stories were submitted; it reminds us that we should constantly create beautiful memories with our loved ones.

Insert HUGOT: I could have written my story but my crush did not cooperate. # Friendzone


collage 2

“The Story of Us” entries posted on the wall for everyone to read with the winning entry (entry no. 1).

LOVE? Say it with Style

Channeling your inner artsy nature and ignore the pressure, bringing back the just-like-the-old-times Valentine’s card with a twist and a challenge. Two representatives each team was given a test of love and creativity through time. They were provided a very short time to compose their thoughts and say it with style by having it posted on their hand-made Valentine’s card using only  the materials provided. Considering the limited resources- time and tool, love conquers all difficulties!

Insert HUGOT:  If a Valentines card is enough, then I’ll cancel flowers, chocolates and restaurant coz it’s the thought that counts. #TightBudget

collage 1

The busy creative teams.


Participants of “Love Say it with Style”, from L-R Jude Limpin, Kimberly Jane dela Calzada, Karen Faith Eniola, Poca Joe Didal, Reneboy Rosalina, Christy Serna, Hazel Mae Cosina, and Josiah Ian Engracia.


“Kaibigan, usap tayo” (Let’s talk my friend), a famous line by Boy Abunda (Philippines’ King of Talk) perfectly fits this FEB-IBIG activity. Based on my own unreliable observation, I think love is the second thing in this world that most of us usually worries about aside from money. Being a love guru was a pleasure because I was able to share my own advice; it was challenging at the same time because I have a blank love history. Nevertheless  I’m happy that I was able to contribute some thoughts because love is a topic everyone can relate with regardless of romantic status. I would like to say thank you to my guests who have opened up their personal love problems to me. I hope you were able to get something out of my shared thoughts and advice.

Friendly reminder: You have to make your own decision so that you won’t blame others if something goes wrong. Hahaha. #FollowYourHeart

collage 3

#FifiCares with guests Janice Jacalan and Rechelle Mae Co.

Lucky in Love

A dating game sautéed with witty questions and seasoned with fun and “kilig” – this game is  the most awaited and the highlight of iComm’s February activity every year.  It opens  an opportunity for our single men and women employees to find “the one”. Benjie Estrella from WEB department and Rosalina Abella from Marketing department were the searchers  this year. Their questions made the six searchees (3 girls, 3 guys) sizzle, for sure!. Funny answers echoed in the conference room by the mystery searchees  made the audience laugh.  On the other hand, cheek blushing responses made my legs feel weak. I think I collapsed for 2 seconds merely by hosting the activity. My co host is iComm’s resident favorite, Dax Alarde.  Honey-dipped answers  caught the hearts of the searchers and led them to choose their dates for Valentine’s Day. Will their getting-to-know each other stage  blossom into something more real and serious? Let’s see!..


The lucky pairs for “Lucky in Love”: Benjie Estrella with Jerlyn Ates and Rosalina Abella with George Villahermosa

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at work has a double advantage (1) you earn  (2) you get to go on a group date with all your colleagues. Fabulous, I’d say! Now, bite that cupcake while I’ll leave you with this quote : “Love is like a song.  Even if you haven’t understood the meaning of the lyrics yet, you still dance to the beat”.