Why Slingshots Work



Who knows what Goliath was thinking as he watched David approach from afar. Surprise? Amusement? Over-confidence? Boredom?

It???s easier to imagine what his fellow soldiers felt when a ??well-aimed stone fired by David took him down: Total ??Shock!

Their epic confrontation immortalized the underdog, and even today, people are writing bestselling novels about David and Goliath, if from a new angle???.

???namely that what appear to be disadvantages (smaller size and strength in this case), can be, and often are, compensated for by advantages???like clever thinking (to use a slingshot rather than fighting in close) and skill ( perfect aim) and hard work ( david probably practiced a lot with that slingshot).

While an author can ??build a pretty entertaining case around this idea, ??it???s not meant to be data-driven hard science. ??Rather, just a little nudge ??to ??re-consider how we value advantages and disadvantages in everyday situations. ??In any given context, anybody can be an underdog or a favorite, but neither is assured success. ????And more often than we ( and Goliath???s buddies) realize, underdogs do prevail.

What these popular science ideas might sell short is the required mindset.

While we???ll never know what Goliath was thinking, ??we know exactly what was going through David???s mind: