Women???s Month 2013

Last March, iComm affirms the importance of women in the organization by launching its first ever Women’s Month Celebration. In appreciation for the women of iComm who comprise more than half of the total employee headcount, the company lined up self enhancing activities and programs specifically for its women employees.

Fitness Wednesdays


Wednesday afternoons were dedicated to health and fitness as the girls geared up for Zumba parties. Zumba, the latest workout craze, where participants dance to a fusion of latin and world music is said to target significant muscles in the body thus burning unwanted calories and fat.


Personality Enhancement: A Crash Course


While confidence is certainly derived from women’s capabilities as a working professional, it cannot be discounted that a good appearance can leave a lasting impression giving one’s well being an added boost. Thus, in partnership with Avon Cosmetics, these iComm girls were given a quick course on enhancing one’s appearance by subscribing to a good skincare regimen.


A Practical Guide to Self Defense


A number of women participated in a 3-hour self defense class titled “Be Your Own Bodyguard: A Practical Guide to Defending Yourself by Avoiding, Diffusing, and Escaping Threatening Situations”. Quite lengthy for a title, but it definitely was a very useful learning experience as it provides easy to use information and practical techniques in keeping the ladies safe from crime and violence.


by Divine Grace Golingay